Published on October 9, 2004 By katie liz In Dogs
When it finally got settled that Mollie was going to stay, I had been chastised for getting my little sister involved in
such misbehavior, and for behaving with complete irreverence to household policy. Amy and i were both
informed that if it weren't for Amy's love of the puppy, the puppy would be gone, because my love for her was
discounted by my impulsive behavior, while Amy's love for her was considered more relevant due to her young
age and innocence. It was a very complicated formula, but at the end of the week she stayed, and that's all that
mattered. So here I am, in my childhood bedroom, 17, and in the company of THE most adorable, one-ear-flopped-
over, stubborn little doll ever. I was so ecstatic. Except for the part about being in my childhood bedroom, of course.
So me and Mollie went out the window, and down to the corner to wait for a ride to pick us up and take us to wherever
everybody was that night.

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