Published on October 9, 2004 By katie liz In Dogs
When I got Mollie, she was about three months old. We drove to the South Side of Chicago to the pet store that
had the cheapest puppies in the paper. I know, i know, puppy mills and all kind of horrors, but I was a 17 year
old disturbed kid with addictive behavior, and even though my sister is a genius she was only 12. So we got
one of my shady older guy friends to drive us to the pet store we found in the classifieds.

We get there and it is really small. There are cages all lined up to the ceiling, and an open pen with younger
puppies in the middle. The lady behind the counter barked to leave the pups alone. Every dog in this place was
really mellow and drowsy, i know they had to have been drugged. So right away I see Mollie. She is way up on
top, and is a liitle tan dog with a white belly. she has a black muzzle with a white stripe down the middle that went
up her face and stopped in between her ears. She was beautifully marked, with black fur peppering her tan undercoat
She had a big tail like a husky, with a white tip.

She was sitting way up in the air, all dopey looking, and i had to take her home. the lady reached in to get her, and she
was scared. the lady struggled and got her out and we were both so happy to get out of there. We drove and used our
last change to buy pizza hut, and got back on the toll way. Mollie was just hanging out, if she felt like i did she knew
she was home.

Being kids, we knew better than to ask our parents before the fact. also being kids we neglected to consider the
construction that was going on due to the remodeling of the kitchen and that maybe it wasn't the right time for
a new puppy. My dad wouldn't look at her for a week, insisting she was not staying. She was irresistible though.
so much personality and EMOTION. Exploding with emotion. Thats why I loved her SO much. Because she was
like me. Emotional. So actually, despite the reconstruction, it was the perfect time to get a dog because it was the
exact time that Mollie was for sale.

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