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October 23, 2004 by katie liz
Well that is weird. My articles used to look normal and now they are all f'd up. Oh well, they aren't exactly masterpieces anyways. I am being totally lazy today and am procrastinating to the point of blatant noncompliance. I really need to get my ass in gear and get to work. I have some writing to do, and some site design changes but i have Absolutely. No. Motivation. Maybe it is these drugs I am taking, or maybe I'm just plain lazy. I had my appointment with the cardiologist on thursday and I ...
October 15, 2004 by katie liz
So I thought I would check in with my Dr before my insurance was cancelled, and I made an appointment to see her
yesterday morning. I needed to get more migraine medicine, and Lexapro, in case I decide I need it again sometime.
So Jackie can't find my blood pressure, which never used to happen but now has happened the last few times I've had
it checked. She got the machine and my blood pressure was sort of high, 140/102 and my pulse was real high, 153 bpm.
Then the doctor came in and listene...
October 12, 2004 by katie liz
Well, I am going to resign from my receptionist position tomorrow.

I had my review today, and that went good, and it is an okay job with pretty good benefits. I am also well
liked and have met a lot of friends there. I am always cheered up by talking to my co-workers and have
even come to enjoy meeting all the different people that come into the office everyday. Thing is, it is still
a receptionist position, and that is not what I want to be. So after work I went to my second interview at ...
October 11, 2004 by katie liz
So Mollie spent a lot of her first year going out and about with me to all the different happenings in Algonquin, IL, summer '96.
We went over to Lee's house a lot, who is the one that drove us to the pet store in the city, and over to Mike's who was Lee's
neighbor and had at least 13 cats. We also went to the spectacle that is Algonquin Founder's Day, which included a parade, a
carnival, bands, parties and fireworks. When Mollie was tired I carried her, or we stopped and rested and watched ...
October 10, 2004 by katie liz
So I finished my fake website, or so I thought. I got the layout to where I liked it okay, and made all of the 5 pages with an
editable table for html content, blah blah blah. Made sure all my links are functioning, and preview it in both Internet
Explorer and Safari, where it checked out okay. So I uploaded into my class drop box, and feel really good about getting it
done, even if it was turned in 4 hours outside of the late assignment grace period.

A little while letter I am on the PC ...
October 10, 2004 by katie liz
Yesterday was a rough day. I was generally pissed off and my head hurt all day. Not very pleasant feeling or acting,
to say the least about it. A certain someone came home from work in a similar sour mood, and sparks flew. Not
romantic sparks, but big, metal grinding on metal, muy caliente sparks. He was unhappy because I opened the
windows, and commenced bitching. I was obviously in no mood for THAT, and things got ugly quick. I sent him away
from me for awhile, and when he came back thing...
October 9, 2004 by katie liz
When it finally got settled that Mollie was going to stay, I had been chastised for getting my little sister involved in
such misbehavior, and for behaving with complete irreverence to household policy. Amy and i were both
informed that if it weren't for Amy's love of the puppy, the puppy would be gone, because my love for her was
discounted by my impulsive behavior, while Amy's love for her was considered more relevant due to her young
age and innocence. It was a very complicated formula,...
October 9, 2004 by katie liz
Well, since my walk earlier i have been working on an assignment for my advanced web design class.
I can't stand doing these fake web sites. They never give you any content, they expect you to make it
all up or find it on free stock photo sites. It is ridiculous. If I am making a site for a gardening company,
is it unreasonable to expect some original photography? Maybe even a logo?? I think these assignments
are way too broad, and force me to waste time coming up with fake content instead o...
October 9, 2004 by katie liz
When I got Mollie, she was about three months old. We drove to the South Side of Chicago to the pet store that
had the cheapest puppies in the paper. I know, i know, puppy mills and all kind of horrors, but I was a 17 year
old disturbed kid with addictive behavior, and even though my sister is a genius she was only 12. So we got
one of my shady older guy friends to drive us to the pet store we found in the classifieds.

We get there and it is really small. There are cages all lined up to ...
October 9, 2004 by katie liz
Well, mollie died on wednesday and i am still really upset and mad. that dog was a real good friend of mine and it is so
frustrating to know that it was a simple orthopedic problem that did her in. i guess it wasn't so simple in her case.
i am depressed. and i am not a whole lot of fun to live with when i get this way.

it's a beautiful fall wisconsin day so i am going to go for a walk. last time i walked to the tracks but was afraid to walk down
them. this time f**k it. the trains go 25 ...